Don’t panic, ellipses 1,2,3

I guess its just simple camouflage
white on white, they cant see me at all
if I were grey
I would move
to the sky above
the great northwest
and live there counting days
on my fingers

I’m worried now
everybody’s coming to get me
can’t you see them hiding?

maybe I could move to the moon
they’d never find me there
unless of course
they find my shadow
or follow my smoking trail
of cigarettes

I’m worried now
everybody’s coming to get me
can’t you see them hiding?

it’s been such a long february
all of the trees here are dead
they tell me that they are just sleeping
they can’t fool me this time
they’re dead

the city lights burn my eyes
the soaking streets and neon lights
remind me of living
remind me of life

like the man in the corner
with the cigarette eyes who says
“hey man can you spare a dime for me?”
he coughs and i swear to God he rattles

or the jackknifed truck
on the side of the road that
bleeds kerosene and stops the flow
of traffic
you are only dreaming

we save the rain for sunny days

you see a cross on the side of the road
with the name of someone you know
look back
you are only dreaming

This is David from OJ Rallye

should I change the words?
or can I pass them off
as a letter from the heart

I guess i could try

am I scared of you?
because its you who’s there
at the top of the world
where everything’s alright

it starts the same
find a road

I can’t wash the TV’s glow from my eyes

I live for skies like these
when the red of the sun
melts into amber

Im burning planets with my eyes

Heat rises

this is what Ive got so far
a heart that bleeds from
at least a thousand wounds
this is what I need from you
take it
turn and walk away

I don’t like this
anymore than you
I don’t want this
anymore than you

I’ll make you wait for awhile
I’ll make you think
you can turn it around
and when you see me coming
hey, now look me in the eyes
and tell me how
this is what I need

you’re playing dangerous
I see this coming to a close
is there a word for this?
I need the time
you need the space

this time around–it’s starting now.
i can’t believe that it has all come down to this.
if i go down, i’ll bring you down.
there is no way i’ll ever take the fall for this.
this time i’m on my own; who knows if you’ll get the chance–
the chance to see my face again.
i guess you’ll never know
unless you take back all you’ve done and prove you’ve changed.

One lane highway

I kept my faces straight
I’ve known it all along
you won’t have long to wait
I’ll sing a sailor’s song

a burning yesterday
a certain secret call
confession while you wait
I’m here to save us all

I still remember
I laid awake
in late november
she slipped away

I kept my aces hid
you’ve known it for awhile
if you’re gonna to kill me
please do it with a smile

we’re burning yesterday
we know the secret call
confession while you wait
I’m here to save us all

this is a one lane highway
that you’ve stepped on
there’s no stepping off

I keep my head bowed down
in the darkest part of nowhere
if you tear me down i will make you care
for no one

In German In Japanese

if theres another word for this
i cant remember what it is
it’s in a story read  in German
it’s in a song in Japanese

if there’s another turn for the worse
i cant imagine what it is
all the things we have in common
all the changes we endure

God save you all
He’s sad but holding on
if i let you down
i swear I’m sorry for it

if there’s another word for this
i’m sure i don’t know what it is
i write my secret plans in German
i write my songs in Japanese

I just cant get this shit out of my head
the world keeps scratching through to my eyes
and it may make it
I can’t make it

all of the ugliness in us is turning around

beautiful thinking
but thats not the way it is
this is the way it is

God save you all
He’s sad but holding on
if i let you down
I swear I’m sorry for it

We’re erasing what’s wrong
We’re erasing what’s wrong
We’re erasing it
what’s wrong child?

Porsche makes good cars

while I wait
the lights are changing slowly
and I watch her
shake shadows from her hair
she tells me
the only words that kill me
she says them
and then she turns away

while I sleep
the world still turns around me
i’m dreaming
or am i i’m half awake
the burning
is only on the outside
I know this
and the fire turns to snow

I scream
kill me quickly
its such a long way home

you can’t wrap yourself in misery
then blame it on the weather
you can’t tie yourself to everything
that will only pull you down

hurray hurray for New Orleans
hurray hurray for you
hurray hurray for everyone
you know
there’s no hurray for me


Red Baron

i’m gonna buy myself an airplane
and write my name across the sky
i am the spirit of Red Baron
I’ll shoot you down just to watch you die

gonna buy myself a submarine
and stick a flag in the ocean floor
everything you see here belongs to me
I own it all
the sun, sea, and sky

I’m feeling genuinely out of sorts right now
but it feels alright

gonna find myself an angel
clip her wings so she wont fly
I’ll keep her hidden
far away from you
don’t bother asking
she’s all mine

it feels alright 
to be unconcerend and disconnected
yeah, it feels alright